Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bigger isn't necessarily better

No, this is not an x-rated post. You people...(shaking head)....honestly.

While making dinner tonight, and every night, I enjoy looking at the Smidge's artwork on the fridge, and one wee piece of my own. It's amazing how much I enjoy it, considering it took about 5 minutes or less.

I left a bit of the photo above it where it's placed on the refrigerator, to give you some perspective on its size.

It's my house magnet. Hooked with leftover worms (wool strips, for the uninitiated), glued on the back to hold it all together. Though normally I usually only glue around the outside of the hooking, very close to the last loops, to hold the linen backing together. Then the backing is snipped away as close as possible without cutting into the loops or that last strand of linen holding the loops in place.

You'll see below that I recycled old magnets taken off used grocery list pads, cut one of them in half, and glued it to the back of my house.

The best thing is that you get the satisfaction of finishing something quickly. It's a good little piece to sell at craft shows, or add to a homemade gift. You can obviously do all kinds of shapes. Let your imagination run wild....just not that kind of wild, this is a family show, people.

I'm kinda hooked on these little mats, and recycling, I think I'll do some more tonight.

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