Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Dear Mother,
I know you are master of all that is natural, it's in your name. But I implore you to take heed of your own calendar and observe the changing of the seasons.
Signed, one of your very meek and humble inhabitants

Friday, 15 March 2013

What I've been up to

I have too many rugs on the go.....not good. There were four, now there are five. But in self-defense one is done except for the finishing.

Here are some photos of a couple of them. So I actually have been doing something.....really!

Design and guidance from a distance by Wanda Kerr.
My design. Not sure about the sky.
Hence the close-up of the sky. Hhhhmmmm and hawwwwing about it.

Friday, 8 March 2013

I'm in Love

What I’m in Love with ......

1)      Hubby…..still. That’s good news.

2)      My girla… growing up and full of surprises every day. Most recent famous quote from the dearest one “I save all my badness for home”. My biggest concern with that statement is that ‘badness’ isn’t a word.

3)      My new RAV4. Hubby’s car was old, decrepit and starting to die. It couldn’t pass the Drive Clean test required of it this month. Found a used (but only 2,700 km on it) 2012 RAV4 available at our favourite dealer. Done. And the nifty rule around our place is that Mama gets to drive the new wheels. Nice for me, tee hee.

4)      My kitchen, now completely ‘fini’ after starting its major reno a year ago. No it didn’t take a year really, but we did just finish the backsplash and put the trim back in place last week. The major chunk of the project took three months, but in actuality it took a year to get the last piece of the puzzle in place.

5)      Our return to winter this year. I know I’m weird, but as a true Canadian I was glad that we had a serious winter this year, one that had to be reckoned with, one that was somewhat relentless. We still have big snow banks and hubby has spent part of today trying to beat them back because the aforementioned RAV4 is bigger than the Corolla was and we’re a little squeezed in the driveway which is not meant for two vehicles in the first place.

6)      The anticipation of spring, summer and adventures ahead. Yes I can be in love with anticipation, well, I can love the anticipation. Yes I can. It’s almost like I don’t want spring to come because then I won’t be able to anticipate it anymore….I said almost, easy there slugger.

7)      Blogs, and the crazy people who write some of them and the incredibly talented artists that write others. Good times on the internet, what can I say?

8)      Life. Sure, why not? What’s there to complain about? So much hurt, sadness and mayhem in the world that we have to appreciate how blessed we are.

9)      My home; not to be mistaken for love for my house. The house is okay and greatly improved in the last four years, but it’s still not my dream house. But as a home, it contains everything a gal can ask for: a cat that’s by no means a scholar; a very snuggly family; a humble but workable craft room that’s all mine; a working roof, windows and furnace that provide comfort and safety; plenty of food, love and a place to wear ugly pyjamas with no judgement.

And yes that’s nine things because ten is so predictable. J