Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The shortest UFO

Is that correct to say? The "shortest" UFO? In other words, this has been a UFO for less time than the others. Which is more correct, but awkward as heck. 

I hooked this elephant for the Smidge, and left the background for her to choose. As a result, it's quite busy and loud with colour. So much for the background taking a backseat to let the main image shine! No, not for this girl.

My upholstering skills are lacking, so I don't look too closely at the edges. No, I said not to look at them. Geez. 

Alas, it is done and Smidge is happily enjoying her new stool in her room. Though it's not being used where and how I thought it might be, that's totally up to her. 

What number am I at? Lots to do before completing #18in2018, that much I do know! Onwards....

Thursday, 1 March 2018


Or should I say, sew...

March is upon us and I'm as surprised as anyone. I haven't completed anymore UFOs, but one is almost complete. More news on that later. Meanwhile, I've been sewing up a storm. Yes, I started a new project. But in my defense, it's using up fabric purchased in the 90s so it's not a bad thing. 

I'm making a scrappy summer quilt with a whack of 50s replica prints. It's going to be busy, busy busy! But I'm liking it. At this point, 70 9" blocks are completed. 

They've been laid out, and they're being sewn into rows. Soon the quilt top will be complete, and then the horrid task of quilting it. 

Hopefully I'll soon have a finished project to report... of one type or another! Happy March everyone!