Monday, 28 August 2017

soooo much fun!!!

I stumbled on a site with a project using old t-shirts and since I have a lot of them, I decided to make a new kind of rug!

There are several places online where you can learn how to cut up t-shirts to get one continuous 'strand' of 'yarn'. You single crochet like crazy and then start with a new one when you run out of 'yarn'. 

I'm not done yet, but here's my progress to date. I can't begin to tell you how fun this is! And it's super comfy under-foot. Can't wait to have this as a throw rug on the bedroom floor at the cottage!

Friday, 25 August 2017

no biggie

I can't remember the last time i dyed wool. I needed a piece of dark red wool for a commission that I need to get started. So I dug out my dyeing gear; amazingly nothing needed dusting!  

I took the opportunity to show my daughter how to dye since she couldn't remember watching previously (has it really been that long?).   

I was only dyeing one colour, so we mixed up my super secret (no one has asked!) recipe for my fave dark red. My rule-following daughter was very concerned about the hazards of working with the dyes and kept her gloves and mask on long after she needed to. So sweet. 

I think this was the first use of the electric frying pan - a bit too much wool for its capacity, but by taking care when stirring it worked out okay. 

Our finished project is drying on the deck. Hooking begins on Monday!

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Whoops!!! Time she is a-flyin'!!!

I have been busy, needless to say. With what? A million and one little things and one big reno project. All those time-consuming things that you never quite know how they suck up your time. I have been productive but haven't much to show for it. 

I finished a beach bag for my daughter's friend in May. It was done in her fave colours of red and yellow. Do I have a pic? No, no I do not. Why? Ya got me!

I just made another one in what we refer to around here as "Gracie blue". And yes, it's for Gracie's upcoming birthday. Shhhhh! Interestingly, my daughter has several close friends that either share her birthday exactly, or are a day or two off. Bizarre! 

So here's Gracie's bag. It will have a matching beach towel with it, and perhaps a gift card to pick up her beach reading material. Ah Gracie, I do so hope you like it!

Fibre finish #?? I've lost count. But this is actually two pieces, as Emily's red and yellow one is not available for a photo session. I did actually like how it turned out though, despite the challenge of making red and yellow work. 

Enjoy June!!!

p.s. I made some curtain panels too, but (insert yawn) they're a wee bit boring to bother showing you. 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Egads, it's almost May!

Sorry folks, I truly didn't forget you! I've been in mass production mode... ha ha. As if one can actually do that. But I have been hooking my little heart out in preparation for vending at a show in early May. 

So in fact, I'm confident without even counting that I can claim 17 finishes in 2017, completing my #17in2017 challenge. 

Here are a few of them:

Happy Hooking, y'all!!