Thursday, 16 February 2017

Mea Culpa

Hi all. So sorry for my lengthy absence. I've thought of posting often, but alas haven't gotten around to it. On a happy note, I have been happily hooking and hooking more than usual. It's certainly a tonic for these cold, snowy days. A two week or more stint of fog in January was difficult, but made more enjoyable with hook in hand. 

Will you join me this year to complete #17in2017? As I did last year, I will endeavour to complete that many fibre projects in the calendar. I dare say I've already got a few to report. Let's see what I can share. 

Ah yes, first I must admit to thinking that I didn't have any blue wool in my stash. I decided that one of my storage spots was beyond embarrassing in its messiness, so I pulled everything out two days ago and re-organized. As you can see, I have some blue to use (gulp). Especially considering one of the drawers beneath this space is also full of blue. 

I certainly know people with far more than this, so I'm not thinking I have more than enough. Oh no, that thought never enters my mind. I have grand plans for dyeing in April!! 

I finished a piece to celebrate Canada's 150th bday:

I also finished this WIP in February, a design that I started a while back (brain won't tell me when!): 

And I've completed a bunch of wee little pieces, but I won't bother mentioning those. One other landscape piece is hooked, but requires whipping so I'll share that at a later time. Plus one other piece is almost finished being hooked. Yippee!

I'm hoping to be more diligent with my blogging, but feel free to follow me on Instagram, my handle is @burningthemidlifeoil. I'm also on Twitter at @hookdonlife, though admittedly I don't tweet as much as I post on IG. Finally, you can look at some of my past work at 
Chat soon!