Sunday, 15 January 2017


As I stepped into the shower at 10:39 a.m. this Sunday morning, my main thought was that I hadn't gotten anything done yet today. Imagine not getting into the shower until that time - ridiculous! No housework or other work done... so frustrating.

And then, as always happens in the shower, my brain went somewhere it doesn't go outside of that "box". The word "perspective" flashed through my mind. I realized that I had helped my 10-year-old with her Science Fair project and her homework this morning; fed, cuddled and scratched the feline; hugged and smooched the kid and hubby.. How could I say I hadn't gotten anything done? I had in fact done that which is most important.

In past years, I have sometimes taken part in the One Little Word movement. This year, nothing came to me and it felt forced so I hadn't embraced a word to guide and steer me through 2017. I think that my word found me today. Perspective. Something I desperately need. I'm always about the "getting things done".

As always happens in the depth of winter, we have had news of deaths from those in our lives. Thankfully for us this year it hasn't been anyone in our immediate family, but the heartbreak that others are suffering is no less significant. From 45 to 99, people we know have slipped the bonds of earthly life and headed to a new perspective that we know nothing of. These deaths remind me of more poignant (for me) losses from years past, renewing the pain and sorrow that accompanies each. I wonder if I'll still be counting how many chores I've completed on the day I die?

Yes, perspective is what I need. A goal for 2017. We'll see how I do.