Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I thought I'd share some interesting blogs with you today. I visit these occasionally and find them to be truly inspiring. Have a look-see, you're bound to enjoy the great work of these amazing artists.

Camilla Engman, painter and mixed media 

Cecilia Levy, paper artist

Nina Johansson, sketch artist (drawer)

Suhita, sketch artist

Geninne, painter/artist

I'm not affiliated with any of these talented folks, just in awe of their work.  

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tooth Fairy

Smidgie lost her first tooth at school yesterday. She got a fancy tooth-shaped plastic container on a plastic necklace to hold her tooth in until she made it home. Thanks school secretary - you think of everything!

So the girl was mucho excited about her first foray into the world of tooth fairies. She has proclaimed that there must be more than one, as it's far too much work for one fairy to possibly handle. I agreed, never having seen the tooth fairy, that there could indeed be several, because how would we know?

We talked about leaving the tooth under her pillow, and that she could expect something from the tooth fairy in the morning. Eeeeeerrrrrrrr (brakes screeching sound) Mom, I don't want the tooth fairy to take my tooth away, I want to keep it.

Quickly thinking, I said "why don't you write the tooth fairy a note and explain that you'd like to keep the tooth if possible". And so she did. Tooth (in cute tooth-sized chest) and note were placed under her spare pillow at bedtime.

Lo and behold, this morning she didn't want to check alone. Up I went with her and revealed what remained under her pillow. Tooth in tooth-sized chest : check. Money: check. Note: taken away by the tooth fairy as evidence.

Methinks the tooth fairy may keep that note for oh, about 20 years and then return it to the writer. ;)

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I find words so inspiring. Single words, phrases, quotes. I hear a song lyric when driving and a new design springs to mind.

I love the idea of creating art from the wealth of images that evolve from a single word.

So today's words of inspiration are:

What do these words bring to mind for you? Do you feel creativity bubbling forth?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fair the Fair

I decided to enter a few things in the local fair this year for the first time. I'm always so busy helping Smidgie get her entries organized, that I haven't ever entered my own things. But this year, I decided I would, mostly because I wouldn't have to make anything new, I could just use stuff I had already on hand.

So here are my results. For any readers from the U.S. - red is first in Canada, and blue is second.

In rug hooking:

Smaller quilt, machine quilted:
larger quilt, machine quilted:
Canada Day door hanging:
Smidgie did very well for her first year up in a new age category. She received 3 firsts, 6 seconds and 4 thirds. Plus she was overall winner in the 6-8 yr old category, at 6 years of age.
Pretty fun weekend for all of us - we were at the fairgrounds three days in a row!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


This original design of mine was hooked specifically to upholster this antique seat. My friend did the upholstery job and sold it in her store. Funny enough, the lady that bought it has the same first name as me - and same spelling. Apparently that clinched the deal!
Hope she enjoys it, it was a fun piece to do.

A Touch of Autumn

Quickly hooked up these three leaves this week. One is a 5 cut, the other two a 6 cut. They were fun. Glued to a wool backing. Tricky cutting the edges but not bad I think.

Monday, 10 September 2012

School Year

Back to school time was busy this year. Lots of supplies and shoes needed…..for only one kid! Coordinating her extra-curricular activities was daunting. I waited and waited to hear about what night Sparks would take place, and everything else had to fit around that. Finally everything fell into place.  Tuesday night is gymnastics, Wednesday night is Sparks, Thursday night is swimming, Saturday morning is dance. Tap dance. Loud tap dancing, but I guess that’s obvious. Glad there are only 4 girls in the class. Also glad that there’s a wall and a door between them and the parents. Wow. Smidge already declared she wants to do tap next year too. After one lesson. Guess it left a good impression. There was no pity on the parents this year either. Almost all the activities are already starting up. No rest for the parental units.

School started with a wet day, but didn’t dampen the spirits of my squirt. She ran ahead of us the whole way, briefly stopping to look back and urge us on. The school seems fantastic and Smidge loves her two teachers. She fell asleep each night last week while trying her new French words:”bleu, rouge, rose, blanc, noir….”. Then Friday night she told me that Madame has three rules in her classroom: Respecter, Écouter, Travailler. She remembered them in English and French and pronounced them correctly. Colour me proud.
And so we head into the full power of the school year and all the busyness that comes with it.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ah September

Late August included a 5-day trip for the family to Michigan, and into northern Ontario. We visited Frankenmuth, and were amazed with the beauty and quaintness of this town in Michigan. Now that we're talking about it, we're realizing how many people seem to know about Frankenmuth, and for good reason!!

Summer's been great but oh so incredibly fast to go by. We've had some great produce from the farmers' market.

We've had some great swims in small lakes......

and Great Lakes.
And now we're prepping for the school year. Where does the time go?


Apologies for my absence, August got away from me. And here I was getting upset when some of my favourite bloggers weren't posting much!!!

New posts coming your way, and hopefully there'll be some hooking time coming my way.