Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tooth Fairy

Smidgie lost her first tooth at school yesterday. She got a fancy tooth-shaped plastic container on a plastic necklace to hold her tooth in until she made it home. Thanks school secretary - you think of everything!

So the girl was mucho excited about her first foray into the world of tooth fairies. She has proclaimed that there must be more than one, as it's far too much work for one fairy to possibly handle. I agreed, never having seen the tooth fairy, that there could indeed be several, because how would we know?

We talked about leaving the tooth under her pillow, and that she could expect something from the tooth fairy in the morning. Eeeeeerrrrrrrr (brakes screeching sound) Mom, I don't want the tooth fairy to take my tooth away, I want to keep it.

Quickly thinking, I said "why don't you write the tooth fairy a note and explain that you'd like to keep the tooth if possible". And so she did. Tooth (in cute tooth-sized chest) and note were placed under her spare pillow at bedtime.

Lo and behold, this morning she didn't want to check alone. Up I went with her and revealed what remained under her pillow. Tooth in tooth-sized chest : check. Money: check. Note: taken away by the tooth fairy as evidence.

Methinks the tooth fairy may keep that note for oh, about 20 years and then return it to the writer. ;)

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