Monday, 10 September 2012

School Year

Back to school time was busy this year. Lots of supplies and shoes needed…..for only one kid! Coordinating her extra-curricular activities was daunting. I waited and waited to hear about what night Sparks would take place, and everything else had to fit around that. Finally everything fell into place.  Tuesday night is gymnastics, Wednesday night is Sparks, Thursday night is swimming, Saturday morning is dance. Tap dance. Loud tap dancing, but I guess that’s obvious. Glad there are only 4 girls in the class. Also glad that there’s a wall and a door between them and the parents. Wow. Smidge already declared she wants to do tap next year too. After one lesson. Guess it left a good impression. There was no pity on the parents this year either. Almost all the activities are already starting up. No rest for the parental units.

School started with a wet day, but didn’t dampen the spirits of my squirt. She ran ahead of us the whole way, briefly stopping to look back and urge us on. The school seems fantastic and Smidge loves her two teachers. She fell asleep each night last week while trying her new French words:”bleu, rouge, rose, blanc, noir….”. Then Friday night she told me that Madame has three rules in her classroom: Respecter, Écouter, Travailler. She remembered them in English and French and pronounced them correctly. Colour me proud.
And so we head into the full power of the school year and all the busyness that comes with it.

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