Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fair the Fair

I decided to enter a few things in the local fair this year for the first time. I'm always so busy helping Smidgie get her entries organized, that I haven't ever entered my own things. But this year, I decided I would, mostly because I wouldn't have to make anything new, I could just use stuff I had already on hand.

So here are my results. For any readers from the U.S. - red is first in Canada, and blue is second.

In rug hooking:

Smaller quilt, machine quilted:
larger quilt, machine quilted:
Canada Day door hanging:
Smidgie did very well for her first year up in a new age category. She received 3 firsts, 6 seconds and 4 thirds. Plus she was overall winner in the 6-8 yr old category, at 6 years of age.
Pretty fun weekend for all of us - we were at the fairgrounds three days in a row!!


  1. Thanks for visiting & commenting. I love your houses chair cushion. I think allowing ourselves to be free & completely, no holds barred creative is one of the most challenging things "I'll" ever do.

    It seems that all artist seem to suffer from the same doubts even artists who have been doing fantastic, well received work their entire lives. It's a demon we all must fight. xo Susan & Gang