Monday, 31 December 2018

I failed. Or did I?

You may not believe this, but I lost my blog!! Seriously, I couldn't remember the URL for the longest time and for some reason, the search engine didn't bring it forward when I tried searching for it! That's sad, and pathetic. Obviously I google too many things that involve "hooking" in the description.

So, failure. Yes. I have failed at my planned project of #18in2018. Why? Well, I could make excuses. But first let me say that I finished another three projects for Christmas, cowls and a sewing piece, but neglected to take pics because I didn't want to post pics to social media and ruin the Christmas surprise. So I think I rounded out at a solid #12in2018. Excuses, well the biggest being that I didn't have a job when I set the goal but I did two weeks in (albeit, part-time). 

Sometimes in life, or most times actually, it's good to set a goal and fail. Sounds odd? We learn so much from it, and frankly if I hadn't set that goal at all I probably wouldn't have completed any of those projects. So I can't look at 12 finished pieces as a failure. Would you agree? 

I feel lighter having these materials and half-made projects out of the way. Yes, there are a couple of glaringly unfinished, aging projects staring me in the face, which may or may not happen in 2019. 

I have an exciting rug project in mind as well. I've just completed my pre-dyeing for it yesterday. So I intend to jump into it today or tomorrow. I will share some pics as I go along. For now, there's nothing to see here. 

Wishing you all the best in 2019. Try something new. Set a goal. Fail. It's all good for us. 

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