Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hey folks, just thought I'd drop in to say "Happy Mother's Day" to all. Even if you're not technically a mom, I bet you 'mother' your friends, nieces, friends' kids and generally contribute to the molding of the next generation.

I had a lovely day: breakfast was made for me and dinner was ordered in. Plus lots of gifts (photos to come) and hand-made cards from Smidgie.

I've decided that this week is tackle-the-UFOs week. I mentioned that to Rocketman and he took 5 minutes to try to figure it out and then gave up. He had 'object', and that's all. So I'm currently trying to complete the house rug. And I'm hoping that I can dig in this week and get the following done:
  • mail thank you package to one person
  • mail swap mat to another
  • finish sky on house rug
  • finish edges on the "Greening up the Escarpment" mini-mat
  • finish Spirit Moose rug
  • create a list of all the ideas for rugs floating around my mind
  • prep the photo file for my portrait rug
  • check my dyes and plan out the dyeing for the portrait rug (because I actually figured out how I'm going to do this rug tonight)

So I'm hooked again on hooking and it feels good. I'll be reporting in when I have accomplishments to show!

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