Sunday, 20 May 2012

One Week Later

Okay, so it's not quite Sunday night, but since it's sooooo hot outside, I gave up gardening for a bit to come in and quickly update you on my "get stuff done" week.

So, I actually didn't do too badly. Methinks I need to get similarly motivated every week. I did a ton of other things also; like stuff around the house that was driving me nuts. Cleaned some windows, cleaned some curtains, touched up some paint jobs, cut the grass, pulled a million and one dandelions, then gave up.

So the list, here we go:

  • mail thank you package to one person
  • mail swap mat to another
  • finish sky on house rug
  • finish edges on the "Greening up the Escarpment" mini-mat
  • finish Spirit Moose rug - worked on it but not finished
  • create a list of all the ideas for rugs floating around my mind
  • prep the photo file for my portrait rug
  • check my dyes and plan out the dyeing for the portrait rug (because I actually figured out how I'm going to do this rug tonight)

  • Not bad, not bad at all. Hoping to dye tonight, maybe when the sun goes down and it's not so hot out. No I'm not complaining, it's nice that the weekend has been so amazing.

    I am ssooooooooo hooked on long weekends!

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