Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What's On My Frame

Sorry, I haven't had much to report, hooking-wise of late. A complete lack of hooking time has been making me insane. I thought I'd just share what's out in my hooking room and what's on my frame.

So I just finished this small hanging, just steamed it and have to finish the edges.

Sorry about the shadow that my camera adds to the bottom left corner - drives me nuts!

And I finished this one a while ago but just steamed it. It's called 'Greening up the Escarpment' and was a mini assignment/trial that I did as part of Deanne Fitzpatrick's online course. The challenge was to do a rug all in one colour.

And this is what's on my frame right now. Just started it a couple of days ago. Not planned at all, taking it by the seat of my pants. I seem to do that a lot lately.

There we go, not very exciting, in fact....really boring, but at least you see what I'm working on. I have a large portrait that I'm just about to start, but I want to get at least a teensy bit of it done before sharing any of it. I still need to transfer my pattern to linen. Need a chunk of time in daylight, not something I have an abundance of.

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