Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Who Knew?

I discovered a new website the other day, that's actually quite intriguing. It's essentially a "funding platform for creativity". So entrepreneurs with ideas, innovations, etc. can outline their idea and request funding. Then anyone can peruse the different projects and decide if they might like to fund one of them. Each project has a fundraising goal and a timeline to meet that goal by. And in most cases, if you pledge at a certain minimum level, then you will receive a bonus from that entrepreneur once they get up and going (if).

The website is and you can choose to look through a number of different categories such as art, music, photography, fashion, and many more. I took a stroll through the art section looking to see if there were any fibre (that's 'fiber' for non-Canadians) ideas.

I can't say I spent a great deal of time on the site, but I did find it interesting and found one fibre nut! It's Becka and you'll quickly see that she loves to dye yarn. So when I visited again today I saw that Becka had met her fundraising goal, but she's still got 18 days to go, so that means you can still pledge her. Check it out, it might be something that even works for yourself for that idea that's been jostling around your noggin for a while. Becka's page can be found here. If nothing else, go watch her video for the awesome eye-candy!

I'm not affiliated with kickstarter at all, and no, I don't know Becka from a hole in the wall. But my first impression was a positive one, and since I'm just such a sharing type.....well, you know the rest.

I'm hooked on yarn also!

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