Tuesday, 15 May 2012

High Horse

Yup, my high horse, not the low one, that's what I was on Sunday night. Yup, just out of the blue i declared it was UFO finishing week, without a thought to the appointments, activities and obligations of the week ahead. Well when my brain actually allowed the thought of the week's activities to push through, I said to myself "self, you're an idiot, you got all task-oriented and goal-list-y (yes I also allow myself to invent words) and gave no thought to everything else you have to do this week". Well as some say "my bad". So we'll see how I do with that list in my previous post, could be a good laugh for us all at the end of the week.
I should share with you that I said to Smidge on Sunday, "you need to start your own rug hooking project".
She said "yes, I'd like that".
And I said, "okay we'll use that hoop for you and I'll cut a piece of burlap....".
"No mom, not burlap, I have to use linen because remember I'm allergic to burlap", she interrupted.
Yes you heard that right, my 5-year-old is a linen snob. She sneezed once when she was around burlap, and that was it, she self-declared a burlap allergy.
I said, "okay I'll cut you a piece of linen, and then you can draw a picture to hook and get hooking".
"Ok, can we do it now? I want to get started", she responded.
Well, what followed was another in a long line of motherly failures on my part, I didn't have time to do it right then. I had just opened my mouth and spoken without thought, a classic error.
So on top of the already ridiculous long list of things to do this week, I really should get my daughter started on her hooking project that I have suggested. I guess I was feeling that it's important that she start hooking now, before she turns 6. Time's a-wasting, don't ya know? ha ha. And of course I'm now wondering where I have put spare hooks and whether I'll be able to find one to get her started. Maybe that means I had better add "clean up hooking room" to the aforementioned list!
oh my.....

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