Monday, 30 April 2012

Spring is in the Wool

I'm a Yahooker. That is not some fancy name for a Yankee hooker or a slang-talking hooker or whatever else your imagination is conjuring up. If you're a hooker and have a Yahoo account, you too can join. Check it out, if interested.

One of our members has orchestrated a swap for four seasons. We swap with a new person each time. So far, we have swapped winter and spring. I have received two beautiful yet very different rugs from a couple of talented ladies.

I don't have them both available in pictures, but I can show you the rugs I've done. I just finished my summer rug to swap, which will be mailed in a week or two. Look out Indiana, here comes the incredibly sloooooooooooowwwwwww mail from Canada!

Here's the winter swap rug I did for a hooker in Texas:

Oops, bad photo of the little fella, he must have moved when I took snapped it. It was not bound when I took the photo, and sadly I never took another one.

Here's the spring swap rug I did, another 8" square. I decided to do an abstract for this round, and was very excited about it. This one was sent off to California.

My summer swap rug is also an abstract, and I did it in two evenings because I was fired up! Let me just point out the obvious, that was a hint. Can't show you until it's jetted off to Indiana and been received.

I'm hooked on hooking and cliffhangers. Hah!

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