Monday, 30 April 2012

Where's the Baking, You Ask?

If you know me, you know I love to bake and cook. I intend to share some good recipes with you through this blog. There's a reason I haven't shared yet. I did pass kindergarten, so I know how to share. I've just been a little challenged of late. No, a lot challenged.

What is that you ask? That is a cabinet with no sink, no countertop....hence no water. We're about 8 weeks into a kitchen renovation. I have cooked though, and I have baked...just not a lot. Not to my usual proportions.

We were here about 7 weeks ago......

So there has been progress. In fact, I can now say that I'm the proud owner of a lovely quartz countertop as of today. Now in a day or two I should have plumbing, assuming the Rocketman and his Pop can make all the bits and pieces play together nicely. Stay tuned!

Soon to be hooked on plumbing like it's some new invention. For those concerned about my personal hygiene - don't be - we have had running water in the rest of the house. Seriously people, you need to use your imagination on more productive things. ;)

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