Thursday, 26 April 2012

Charlie Catburgers

I decided there's no better time to start a blog than during the two months of hockey playoffs, as the Rocketman is occupied nightly. :)

I thought I'd start by introducing the other 'man' in my life, Charlie Catburgers, since he'll be figuring prominantly in an upcoming post, but ssshhhhh, I can't give it away.

He's a reluctant model at best. Oh, and if you're wondering about his name, the Rocketman dubbed him 'Catburgers' because of his propensity for clawing our carpets. It was his private threat, though you have to know that R relocates bugs found in the house, to the garden. He wouldn't really make catburgers out of Charlie....not while the 5-year-old is looking at least.

Good night Charlie, be good. Get ready for the weekend, buddy.

I'm hooked on Charlie, even though Charlie is far too hooked on my carpets.

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