Thursday, 22 January 2015

First Finish

For my first finish of 2015, never mind that the edge is not whipped, I present to you Nova. This is a design from Encompassing Designs, purchased over a decade ago. Looks like the designer was "Shelley Z". I can at least not feel guilty about this one because the pattern was purchased by a friend of mine, who ended up not getting into rug hooking (shocking, I know). 

My daughter discovered that I had two unhooked mermaid patterns and decided they would look fantastic in her bathroom which already has a fishy shower curtain. Can't argue with that! However, I can admit to not being too inspired by the other mermaid pattern, so it just might have to wait for a while. I need something that I'm burning to do......more on that when it happens!


  1. I love it, Ally. The greens in the background are my favourite! Way to go!

  2. Thanks Janice! I was hoping the background looked seaweed-y. Only problem now is that it will likely clash with the colour of the bathroom walls, which means another project may be looming. Egads.