Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Am I Embracing?

Checking in on my one little word, now that we're 1/24th into 2015. I know, an awkward fraction, right? Okay, we're half a month into 2015. I feel like it's gone quickly, but at the same time feel like New Year's was a million years ago. 

What I'm trying to embrace:
  • the sun streaming in my window right now;
  • the relatively warm weather we've had this winter;
  • the opportunity for learning as i plunge into week three of my current Masters course; 
  • an 8tracks song medley that was sent to me by someone meant to be relaxing (and it is); 
  • new blogs to enjoy, learn from and soak up; 
  • new projects and the challenge they present; 
  • my 8 year-old who's going on 28; 
  • family in general who have been a big part of life in the last couple of weeks-the love shown has been incredible; 
  • many; 
  • Rocketman, because I can. 

What about you? Are you embracing 2015 with abandon? 

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