Sunday, 27 January 2013

Things I Learned from my Sister

It's a beautiful day outside today, one we enjoyed together as a family at our town's Winter Carnival. We snapped a few photos, but mostly just soaked up the beauty of winter and the fun activities available. Some cherished memories will no doubt stay with us from the day. It's difficult to be sad on such a fantastic day, but my heart is definitely thinking about my sister as well.

Things I Learned from my Sister, one for each year she's been gone.
  • You don't have to be someone's mom to be a mother figure in her life.
  • It's easy to be your own worst critic.
  • Expressing your creativity is key to keeping yourself whole and feeding your soul.
  • Find a home that fills your heart.
  • Look after yourself and your loved is short.

RIP Lori Ann Lovrics (January 31, 1960 - January 27, 2008)

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