Wednesday, 2 January 2013


The Christmas season has come and gone. The calendar has turned a significant page. And those that tend to be triskaidekaphobic will be cringing for the next 363 ½ days (since 1 ½ days are in the history books).
We had a lovely Christmas, mostly because of the many things we took part in before the 24th. Family members, don’t dismay, we had a great time with you as well. But we truly enjoyed the entire season this year and didn’t get too wound up about a single day or two. It was heart-warming and fulfilling and I’m proud of my little girl and what she contributed to others’ Christmas enjoyment. She truly understands that Christmas is not just about what she receives.

Today marks the first day back to “reality” as I put it, as I’m back to work and begin the slow crawl through January. I’m peaceful about it this year, having done enough of everything I wanted to do while off work. Most importantly, I didn’t set goals for the time off, so I wasn’t disappointed when it came to an end. I enjoyed my time at home, I did a good amount of tidying, re-organizing, purging, craft time, game time, baking, smooching and cuddling with Smidgie….and Rocketman.

It feels good to start January with a positive outlook, and no resolutions. Well no ridiculous resolutions anyway. I’m always happy to stride ahead towards a better me; in fact I’ve already signed up for a course that begins in a few weeks. I just don’t want to make unrealistic stress-inducing resolutions.
I hope that each of you is feeling at peace with yourself and looking to the new year as an opportunity to grow, do some good and share.


  1. Allyson, hello & omg you couldn't be any more OCD than I am, lately I've been really embracing that trait in myself and seeing it as truly a gift.

    I may talk about my other 5 (or so) resolutions eventually on my blog but didn't mention them in this post because either 1. they were boring (a freeze on spending & get out of debt !) or 2. of the more personal nature (finally lose that freshman 15 ... or uh ... 20). Yes you will see a pick of my hair. My hair has been short more often through my life, than it's been long but I get way too caught up in what other people think about my hair - all those curl envy gals who gasp "oh don't cut your hair !" & I fall for it every time.

    Please email me your address new penpal you, Happiest New Year ! xos

  2. Susan - have emailed you!! Keep on keepin' on, you're doing great! ;)