Monday, 14 January 2013

First “Finito” of ‘13

I started this rug, designed by Carolyn Buttolph, in about November I believe, to fill in some gaps around other projects. Just finished it on the weekend, and it’s already steamed. It’s destined for my newly-conceived “wall of rugs”. I’ve been thinking for a while of having a wall of rugs in the hallway on our main floor because why else do I have all these rugs hanging around? Granted I have quite a number on the floors being used (5 or so) and some hanging elsewhere. But all of these “others” are destined to be hung together in my own personal gallery. Yup, it’s quite a gallery, the hallway leads to the bathroom and also to the door that leads to the garage. That’s one high class gallery.

So here it is in its non-finished state. When will it be finished? Yikes, now that’s a whole different topic. So much to do…

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