Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Checking in on #15in2015

Well it's been a long while since I even whispered #15in2015, and longer still since I actually made progress - ha! With the current schedule and responsibilities, there has been zero, zilch, nada time for those activities that I most love. Weird how that goes, isn't it? 

Firstly, I have done the ever so difficult and daunting task of pulling whipping yarn out for the mermaids. Yep, it was taxing but I got through it. And here they sit, with their yarn......hhhhmmmm, I wonder how long this will take. I got them out because I had a moment of guilt when in the Smidge's bathroom the other day and realized she has art for her walls, it's just not ready to hang. #MomGuilt

And the progress on project #4. At least I believe it's project #4. Here's a sneak peek, intentionally hiding the full rug, because there's gotta be something to reveal at the end, right? In my defense, this is a fairly large rug and I'm not all that enthused. At one point, I didn't pull a single loop in a six week period. So it's taking a while.

So because there's not really enough to do (ahem), I've started working on two, not one, I-Spy quilts for classmates that are expecting babies in the fall (these then are officially fibre projects #5 and 6). Can't have a baby entering the scene without an I-Spy quilt to get them started in this life. The squares are all cut and I've started laying them out (this is not the final pattern shown below). Sewing, sandwiching, quilting, binding to go x 2. Ha! Due date: late September (not the babies' due date, but when I'll be seeing the moms to deliver the quilts). No problem (insert nervous laughter here). 

Now don't be expecting an update for a while, because that would mean that I'm badly procrastinating on schoolwork which would be highly irresponsible of me, right? And yes, since you insist that I admit it, #15in2015 is looking dicey. 


  1. I love your mermaid, Ally! Rug hooking is something I've never tried, but always admire. Study hard!

  2. Thanks Monica, the mermaids were pretty fun to hook. :)

  3. I LOVE you blog! oh my - have I never been here? I'm a sucker for hooking and weaving. : ) thanks for signing on to TN&TN

  4. Thanks Monika. Your blog is on the top of my list of regular reads. I'm in Saskatoon next week for work, and hoping to walk down Broadway to take a peak at your work in person (if there will be any there). Love your work and blog!