Tuesday, 16 June 2015


It seems that lately, life is about re-connecting to those we haven't been in touch with of late. There is a group of women that I consider friends, none of whom I've ever met. We are all quilters that met online. That sounds like a very normal story, but we recently realized that we've been chatting, sharing pictures, helping each other out through quilt-related and life problems for about 20 years. Yikes! We hail from all different areas of Canada and our group has changed over the years with members coming and going, but there's a core of us that have remained the same. It's nice to know there are "strangers" out there that share your interests and really do care about you, despite never having met you face-to-face (a caveat, a couple of the ladies have met each other). 

There have been other re-connections. Within the family, June is a time of graduation and celebration, of freedom for kids and thoughts of the future. It's a time we all probably step back and say "ah, how is life going?". So I hope the answer you give yourself is "grand, life is indeed grand"! 

With that said, I feel that I have now re-connected with you as well. Here's to the summer of 2015 - may it be enjoyed, soaked up and glorious. Let's not rush it, but rather relish it as we sloooooooowly make our way through this experience we call "life". 

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