Thursday, 12 February 2015

Merry Chrismoose....yes, I know it's February

Every year, a couple of Ontario gals (J and I) hook up Christmas mats for a couple of BC gals and we send them on their way in the mail, hopefully to arrive before Christmas. We just do something small-ish, approximately 6-8" square. A little something to perk up the season. We wrap the two similarly, then the gals at the other end get together and choose which one they'll unwrap. So it's a surprise and you don't know who's mat you're selecting. 

We've done this for a few years now, and for some reason this year my brain kept saying "moose" to me. As in "Chrismoose". Perhaps a bit of a stretch but alas, I went with the idea in the absence of any others. 

Because of the cloak of secrecy around the reveal, I couldn't post this before now. Okay, yes, I could have posted it in January, but I just found the one photo I quickly snapped before the mat jetted off to BC. 

It's often nice to have a small project to work on pre-Christmas as you're rushing to get other things done. It's a quick, usually brainless, piece that provides a bit of joy when hooking, and hopefully also at the other end. 

Swaps are enormously fun. I've done season-by-season swaps with other groups as well, and have some magnificent small mats to show for it. I was surprised when I got out my Christmas decorations this year and realized just how many small mats I have to decorate with. They're great!

This year, there was a delay at the BC end, so the swap package has just arrived in Ontario. Not a bother for me, that just means there's something fun to do in February - who doesn't need that? I'll report in when I open my secret package. 

Merry time for Valentine's Day! ;)

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