Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What is it About Christmas?

I don't know what it is about Christmas, but when it comes to gift-giving, and giving hand-made gifts, I seem to also resort to knitting. Knitting was my first craft, learning from my grandmother and mother. Since I've been doing it so long, I'm quite bored with it and don't knit regularly at all anymore.

But when I get to thinking about Christmas gifts, I always think of knitting. Never fails. Each year around the 24th, I swear I won't knit anything the next year.....and then it happens.

So what am I doing this year? Well I can say that I've kept it to a minimum at least. First, I'm knitting a Dead Fish Hat for my daughter. Which means I can't work on it until she's in bed at night, thereby stretching this project out way too long. I am almost done though, I'll post a picture when it's complete. I have dorsal fin and pectoral fins plus the finishing to go. Stupidly, I'm already planning to do one of these for a friend's child for a birthday in January.

I'm also planning on knitting a pair of pedicure socks for my niece. Amazingly with all the projects I've done over the decades, I've never knit any socks. So now I'm going to try and tackle a tricky pair. What am I thinking?

What crafts do you revert to when it's time to make a gift?

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