Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Little Extra Something

If you’re like me, you’ve started your Christmas shopping in earnest. I have a list of everyone I need to shop for, with ideas for gifts listed beside each. My favourite part is when I get to write DONE beside a name. I always try to get my gift shopping done in November, so that I can focus on merriment, baking, and enjoying the season in December.

My friend Jan, shared this  Santa with me and I’m hooking a bunch of them for those people on my list who need a little extra something to round out their gifts. For instance, I’ve bought gift cards for Smidgie’s teachers and will also send along a Santa to each. Or for Sparks leaders, dance teachers, bosses, etc. They’re quick to hook, use up leftover worms and are fun!

What do you make for those “little extra somethings”?

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