Monday, 4 April 2016

New Chapter

My work life has taken an abrupt turn, as I made a decision to resign from my full-time position to give my health a break. I was suffering from very frequent migraine headaches and just couldn't handle the pressure to be at the office, sitting in front of a computer screen for 40+ hours a week. Perhaps a radical decision, but so far (3 weeks into it) I am happy, more balanced and have been mostly migraine-free!!! 

So you may think that this has opened the floodgates of creativity and productivity. To a certain extent, yes. I did get a pair of jeans hemmed that had been waiting for 5 months. I know what you're thinking... "Wahoo"! I've done a few other little bits and pieces in the Making Room, but nothing substantial because I still have my school work to do, and this particular course (my last in this journey) is a whopper. 

I have assembled a list of making to-do's, which is a list of WIPs that need to be finished:
  • finish whipping the 2nd mermaid rug
  • whip landscape rug
  • whip 01/16 rug (the January Journal rug has been completed)
  • finish hooking Bunny Warhol
  • finish K's quilt top
  • finish K's sweater before it's too small to wear (already a possibility)

Then I will launch into the copious new ideas that I have brewing!

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