Thursday, 9 April 2015

My pint-sized hero

For the second time in her less than nine years on this planet, the Smidge got her hair cut last week. Of course, that's not counting the quick snip-snip to her bangs that is done hastily by mom (moi) now and then when she looks like an Old English sheepdog. 

The first haircut was almost two years ago. She cut 12" off that time, and donated it to Angel Hair for Kids.

Then she went about growing her hair out again. It took almost 2 years, but she was finally at a point that she could spare 12" again, so off we went to the salon and voilĂ .....another 12" donation. So Smidgie is sporting a short bob again. The bonus is that it's easier to take care of, which she's enjoying for now. Until it starts to grow out again for the next donation. 

My kid is my hero! 

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