Saturday, 20 December 2014


Sometimes at this time of year, you need to just stop. And. Slow. Down. 

Do something enjoyable that refreshes your creative spirit and your soul. Due to an unfortunate illness in a friend's family, our plans for today changed. Not that I'd wish sickness on them (or anyone), but this has given us the time to pause, and enjoy the small tasks that we had on our list to do today. Some wrapping, packaging up Christmas goodies, vacuuming.....maybe not all enjoyable tasks but since hubby's manning the vacuum, life is good.

Plus some bonus time to do whatever came to mind. I saw something online the other day, this isn't an original idea. But it turned out completely different than what I saw a picture of. That's what inspiration does: it allows an idea to germinate, grow and blossom.

Et voilà! A gift for my sister for the 26th.

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