Friday, 8 February 2013

Neige neige blanche

Wow, I was actually smart this time. Asked to take a vacation day to avoid trying to get to work through this:


And no, it's not too much, maybe 6 inches, but it's Southern Ontario where there are millions of people usually scurrying to work regardless of the weather, causing pile-ups and traffic jams miles long. Plus, it's still snowing....heavily. Lots more expected.

Call came from the school board at 6:35 a.m........Snow Day. First one in two years. So kidlet can sleep in now.

So now the big question is, do we try to drive to Muskoka to our friends' cottage that we're supposed to be at this weekend for fun in the snow? Hmmmm, perhaps we take the day one step at a time. That drive might wait until this stops and gets cleaned up. We'll see. Either way, I should have more photos to share soon.

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