Tuesday, 12 February 2013


It’s not a new concept to seek something as a focal point for one’s life. Artists have been looking to other artists’ work for inspiration for centuries, perhaps millennia.  In 2012, I chose a phrase to focus on and printed it out multiple times in my favourite fonts to pin it to my wall of inspiration. It’s still there as a reminder…..just because the calendar has turned its page to 2013 doesn’t mean that I turn my back on the lessons and reminders of last year. So in 2012, it was “do more of what makes you happy”.
Inspired by Susan at 29 Black Street, I’ve been noodling ideas for a while now for my own “word of 2013”. I was interested in this concept of theming a year of my life around a single word. How different this might be than seeking ideas from others’ work or drawing focus from a catch phrase. How to choose a word that will drive me, shape my days, mold my attitude and be a checklist all at the same time. Susan had some great words to contemplate and I was charmed by many of them. To be honest, I’m not even sure if my chosen word was on her list, it just came to me today.


  • cherish my time here on earth ( I know this sounds hokey, but I do try to take a few moments each day to acknowledge how blessed I am);
  • cherish my family and the moments we create together because goodness knows in a blink of time the Smidge will be a teenager wanting to do anything but cuddle on the couch with mommom;
  • cherish what I have around me: solid roof, pretty belongings, full pantry, decent clothes;
  • cherish time that I get to spend on my projects, what little there may seem to be at times;
  • cherish my friends and acquaintances.

Ah I could go on, but I get the jist, so likely you do as well.
Thanks Susan.

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