Thursday, 9 August 2012

Go Canada!

Just had to weigh in on the London 2012 Olympics......I'm a a really proud Canadian and happily support our athletes.

Did you know that Ian Millar on our equestrian team has competed in more Olympic Games than anyone else, ever?

I'm so proud of our athletes when they're interviewed before or after their competitions. They're well-spoken, polite, nice people. They're really representing our country amazingly.

Thanks to all of them. And hurray for our Women's Soccer team - Canada's first medal in a traditional team sport at the Summer Games since 1936 apparently. You rock!


  1. I agree proud of our athletes. I'll have withdrawal symptoms after the closing ceremonies!

  2. Yes, it was tricky wasn't it to find something as interesting to watch? Ah well, only 18 months to the next winter Olympics!