Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fall Swap

I know what you're thinking....don't say the 'f' word.....Fall. But alas it's on the horizon, and I have a fall rug hooking swap to prep for. This is the last of four seasons, and I've swapped a mat for each of the four.

I wasn't driven to do any particular subject, so I picked a turkey. I'm not supposed to make my rug public until the receiver has received it, but I doubt she'll be reading my blog. So hopefully she'll still be surprised.

So here's Tom, 8" x 8", hooked with 5 cut strips.

As usual, life's been pretty hectic around here. Would love some more peace but it's not in the cards. Summer activities are winding up - Smidgie finished her T-ball season, and swimming goes for another couple of weeks. We're looking at activities for the school year - she's trying to decide on some. For sure she's doing Sparks, gymnastics, swimming and dance. She may also try curling and the dance style remains to be determined. Looks like a lot of driving around for ma and pa.

Rocketman had an eventful day at work yesterday. He and his partner were clearing some brush and he got stung, though it seems like he must have been on a ground nest of something because in fact he got stung a lot. He came home to have a shower and get some Benadryl. I guess he thought the shower would reduce the heat and itching. Well it did, but boy oh boy....he was literally covered in hives head to toe and his whole body was swollen. His face looked like cro-magnumon man! I went out to talk to his partner and said "don't leave him alone, keep an eye on him" because of course he thought he'd go back to work. As it turned out, he continued to worsen so his partner drove him directly to the hospital. They took one look at him in Admitting and ushered him right into a room, hooked him on on an IV and got epinephrine into him. He had to stay for 5 hours so they could monitor him. But he came home from work at 11:20 p.m. and looked almost completely normal. A bit of swelling and heat remained this morning, but he's feeling much better. Scared the tar out of me.

We've been riding a lot this summer, just got home from another ride with Smidgie. I got new wheels a couple of weeks ago, so it's been fun.

Now off to design some other Fall pieces and maybe even C stuff.....yup, evil aren't I to say "Christmas" in August!!!


  1. Love your turkey Allyson...wish it was coming to me.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! It was nice to get it done quickly. But now I'm having my usual delay before starting a new project!