Sunday, 17 June 2012

Eye Candy

I received another delicious package on Friday!! Fabulous. Here's a lovely pic to make you drool. Haven't done anything with it yet, other than take this picture. I don't even have plans for it, I will simply wait until I need just the right colour and.....voilĂ  one of these will fit the need.

Visions of beautiful rugs dance in my mind. Meanwhile, June is Ca-Ray-Zee!! Absolutely action-packed with non-stop busy-ness. So I won't be bloggin much until July 2nd or 3rd. The list of stuff going on is astounding and then ramps up on the 23rd until July 2nd. So forgive me my absences....

I wil say this, I try to get a 10 minute sit at my hooking frame even on the most insane day, because I find it calms me. Makes me feel better. How about you?

Enjoy June, it's slipping away into our memories so quickly!

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