Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bits and Pieces

I hereby declare June the month of insanity! I don't like to say that I'm wishing it away, and I won't, but boy oh boy I think July will be a heck of a lot more peaceful. So if I'm not posting much in June, forgive me. Have mercy on me. I'm going insane. Nothing bad, just busyness to the extreme!

That being said, I've not been able to hook much and won't be able to hook much through June. Another reason to look forward to July.

What do I have to share? Stash! Received a lovely squishy package today from Heavens to Betsy. Nice!

On the weekend, I took a few more rugs to my friend to put in her store. While there she gifted me with a rug hooking book she bought in the 90s, when she thought she too might take up hooking. She never did, but loves hooked rugs. How lucky am I to receive a rug hooking book out of nowhere? Yuppers, thanks HB!

And here's what's on my frame right now. Jen Manuell's amazing matrix pattern and even her rug warp as a backing. This is my first time trying rug warp, boy is it different! I'm doing a table runner, at least I hope so if I can get to the end of the table runner before the end of the wool. I have a chronic shortage of wool. Poor me. Hence the Heavens to Betsy purchase and a couple other packages headed this way. tee hee

I also ordered Wanda Kerr's overdyeing colour chart today. Which you can purchase on her blog.  

Finally, I thought I'd share a pic of Owl #2, which I actually called "In the Middle of the Night", in its finished state.

Finally, a shameless plug for my friend's store on Locke Street in Hamilton. If you haven't been to Locke Street, it's one of those downtown streets that you just want to stroll along and visit every shop. What a great atmosphere and an eclectic mix of stores, galleries, eateries, etc. I can't visit without buying something, LuLu and Lavigne has a particularly fabulous mix of product that is sure to pique your interest.

That's it from me, hope you're enjoying June and all its many activities. Join me in my mantra, "must find time to hook, must fine time to hook". Ciao for now.

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