Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Time to Bloom

January isn't normally the time to bloom, at least in this area! Though considering it was above zero on the weekend, that's practically blooming weather compared to what it had been a week or so before. I've made progress on several projects lately. Yes, that means I have many on the go at once. Plus my daughter's science fair project is taking up half my space. Hopefully that will be finished soon!

I do love cross-stitching but haven't done any for years. Though a small project, this took a while because even with reading glasses, I could not see the dang holes! So ya, I've been feeling pretty old trying to stitch this. 

Did I share this "before" pic?

This wee project completion counts as #5 of #18in2018. I've always wanted to cross-stitch this design, and now I finally have. Bonus: MIL's mother's day gift is made. 

I have to admit I didn't use many of the called-for threads, but hobbled together what I thought could work with what I had around. The Watercolours thread was actually too thick for the linen count, but I still used it because I'm stubborn. After stitching it, I made it into a doorknob pillow. Don't ask me why, but I do love a little doorknob pillow. I braided some of the Watercolours thread for the handle, and used a scrap of quilting fabric for the back, and ta-da!

 As I say, a wee project, but done nonetheless. Methinks it will be a while before I have anything else completed, so I'll drop by with an in-progress report in a while. 

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