Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#14 & #15

Not even mid-November and I've completed #15 in my quest to complete #16in2016 fibre projects! One is a rag quilt for a new wee one in the family - pics after Christmas (groan, I know....sorry). 

But I can share with you a commissioned piece which was completed yesterday! My client wanted a red canoe pulled up on shore in a typical Canadian lake setting. So I started with some sketching, and created a pattern for some of the elements, but as you'll see my patterns are not thorough or set in stone.

After tracing through my large window, I had even less detail on my linen. 

Hooked in little bits of time here and there... made some adjustments... well lots of adjustments to be honest! 

And the final product will be delivered tomorrow. Here is (insert drum roll here) "Red Canoe". The owner is a visual artist, so fingers crossed that the rug is close to what she envisioned and has wanted for her home!

Update: The rug has been delivered and the client is very happy! She even changed her mind about where the rug will live in her home. Phew! 

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