Monday, 8 August 2016

Hooked this Summer

I know, I know....I shouldn't complain about the heat, drought and oppressive humidity. But I do and I will because summer is not my cup of tea. Never has been. I'd rather be cold. For one thing, I'm far more likely to get a migraine with the heat, than with cold. In the winter, I go for walks to "freeze" my head when I have a migraine. So yes, I can say that I am anticipating fall.

I'm going to be giving a hooking demonstration at a store in Hamilton in September. For that, I need a few pieces to show/sell and an item for raffle. So I've been hooking a few pieces and have several more in the line-up.

Nothing too exciting, but here's what been hooked over the last few weeks. #16in2016

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