Tuesday, 5 January 2016


I'm not going to call #15in2015 a failure. No, I didn't make it to 15 items, but I did as much as I could in the time I had available. I'm happy with the items I made, even those that I ran out of time to share with you! 

And yes, I'm going to go so far as to aim for #16in2016. That's sixteen fibre projects in 2016. This again will be challenging as I start the year with full-time work and full-time school plus....well, life and family. But, I'm optimistic because school finishes on May 1st, provided I get through two more courses in one piece. So yes, I will claim that as a goal in 2016. 

I'm not one for resolutions. Or I should say, New Year's resolutions. I feel that a resolution should be made when one is ready for it. That immensely improves the chances for success. So, I can set goals, but they're distinctly not resolutions.

You may or may not know about, or participate in, one little word. For this year, the word 'Calm' seems to make the most sense for me. In a way, Rocketman chose this word for me, as he's always imploring me to "remain calm". So perhaps by embracing it as my one little word for 2016, I'll be able to bring it to mind more often. 

What about you, what's your One Little Word for 2016? Any goals set in the last 5 days?

Wishing for you opportunities for growth in this new year. 

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