Thursday, 3 December 2015

Multiple Passions

Long time no chat. So sorry about that. I have something interesting to share with you today. I have had an "aha" moment in the last short while and I feel that I have found my people! Truly, though that may sound weird and cliché. 

As you may have done from time to time, I was stumbling around the internet from one thing to another, which I mention to say that I'm not sure how I got to each of these but wow, I'm so glad that I found each and every one of them. 

Essentially what I've found is advocacy for having more than one passion and more than one focus in life. There are other people like me! I've always felt that I was the only one, or one of few, that had so many interests that I didn't know what to focus on. And I always felt like such a failure for it. 

Aha! I'm a Multipotentialite. Or so says Emilie Wapnick. Her TEDTalk started me down the road to this epiphany.

Then I read Mark Manson's post entitled "Screw Your Passion" which is a bit of a different message, but also resonated loud and clear. Yes! 

Watching a webinar from the When I Grow Up Coach, Michelle Ward, I found out about Elizabeth Gilbert's SuperSoul Session and well, wow. 

So suffice it to say, you don't need to read or watch any of this if you've always had that one true passion in life that has steered you from day one and is still the focus of your life today. 

But if you're like me, with so many interests, hobbies, and careers that have made up your life and you've always wondered why, then these resources will resonate loud and clear. 

And now I know why I never have time to blog. ;)

Chat soon. 

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