Thursday, 29 October 2015

I wanna be a cave woman

Sometimes it seems like life would be simpler if we went back to the cave-dwelling days. Do you know what I mean? Sure, they had real concerns like where the next meal was coming from and whether that mastodon* was going to plow them down, but at the same time there were far fewer concerns to bog down the brain. Don’t believe me? Consider this.

Cave women did not have to worry about:
  1. Commuter traffic;
  2. Cellulite, wrinkles and general droopiness of various parts;
  3. Facing the mirror each morning;
  4. The inevitable splash on the backside after pooping in a toilet;
  5. Pumping her own gas in -30C with gale force winds;
  6. Dusting and vacuuming;
  7. Wonky wheels on a grocery cart; 
  8. After school activities ( school. Hence no "after school"); 
  9. climbing the corporate ladder;
  10. keeping up with fashion trends, or attempting to do so;
  11. and so much more. I know you can think of a few, yes?

So here's to cave women....maybe I'll come back as one next time around. ;) 

*No, I don’t specifically know if the time mastodons spent on earth correlated with the time of cave people. I don’t have time for that level of research. But they did live in North America and became extinct due to pressure from human hunting. 

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