Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Next Up

#7 and #8in2015 have come to completion! Insert happy dance emoticon here (I'm assuming there is such a thing, there seems to be an emoticon for everything). The long awaited second baby quilt is complete. And in case you might think I'd be cheating by showing you the same quilt (after all, they are very similar), I've included pictures of both baby quilts together, just to be clear. 

And since one of the babies has a big brother that's still wee himself, I made him a Big Boy quilt to take to kindergarten this fall for quiet time. I made one similar to this for my daughter five years ago (gulp, where did that time go?) when I wanted her to have something all her own to enjoy at school. After all, some of the kindies have a bit of a nap and I would like to think there's something between their wee heads and the school floor. Pushing away gross images from my mind as I speak.

So here you have them, #7 and #8 completed in the same weekend. Ta-da!   

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