Tuesday, 21 July 2015


So what was previously project # 6 has been demoted, and this now becomes #6. Confused yet? I certainly am. 

I decided that I wanted a lighter look to my kitchen window treatment for summertime...perhaps for more than just summer time. And I also had a cotton print that I thought would be ideal. Fits with my unfounded love for roosters. I've had this fabric for quite some time, saving it as fabric hoarders do. No, actually, that's not fair. I'm not a fabric hoarder. I've seen what some people keep and I don't hold a candle to them. 

On with the show...... Exhibit A; previously purchased valance being used for kitchen window. 

Exhibit B: available fabric with aforementioned roosters. 

The process. I've made many a very simple curtain before, so I used rudimentary skills and design to whip something up. 

And apparently all the "in progress" photos are here is the final product. Difficult to see the colours, but you can see that more light is let in without actually blinding the dishwasher with the setting sun in the summer months. 


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