Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We're Sparkin'

Finally finished four mats, kind of mug rugs, that are for the Smidge's Sparks leaders. It's National Volunteer Week, and I wanted to acknowledge what they do and the time that they give to the program by giving them a small token.

What is Sparks, you ask? Sparks is the precursor to Brownies. So you go to Sparks when you're 5 and 6, then 'fly up' to Brownies.

You should know also that the leaders have a special name they use just for Sparks, so that they girls don't have to call them "Mrs. So and So" or call them by their first names.

So here are the mats all together.  

Here's the mat for Snowflake:

And for Daisy:

And this is Shortcake's, which I was most worried about:

And last, but certainly not least, for the Grand Puba of leaders, Firefly (unfortunately this is the one I'm least pleased with, probably because I tried to do too much detail in a small mat):

So now I'm trying to get back to my other UFOs (unfinished objects) and forge ahead. Stay tuned!


  1. How thoughtful Allyson. They are so sweet. I know they will love them.

  2. SWEET !! hey you I answered your question over at 29 Black Street.
    Didn't want you to miss it. Lots o 'love xo Ssuan & Gang